Since 2001, S-Productions is the company that gives birth to the concepts and projects of Christophe SEVESSAND.

S-Productions provides diagnostics, advices and services to the event organisers in order to enhance the atmosphere and deliver a unique and memorable experience to the audiences and event users; whether they are spectators, athletes, sponsors, medias and TVs.

S-Productions choreographies the presentations in an unique and ephemeral manner, gathering audiovisual and spectacular contents tailored on demand.

S-production desings the tech equipments, directs the production teams and builds the contents of the presentation program respecting the event, the venue and the dedicated budget.

S-Productions takes in charge all the aspects of an event presentation production:

1- Diagnostics, advices and strategy of the project,
2- Writting of the production technicals' specifications,
3- Tenders and negociations with the providers,
4- Pre-production of the audiovisual contents of the program,
5- Management of the production and direction of the minute by minute running order during the event presentation.

S-Productions works with the best partners and providers to incessantly raise the level of its productions.
S-Productions possesses a wide network of contacts in france and over the world to guarantee a wide range of services, technology and prices:
- presenters, field talent, announcers, commentators in many languages, DJs and music directors, camera operators, video directors and vision mixers, video editors, audio / video / lightings and effects tech crews, etc.
- Audio & video production equipemnt, giant screens, floor / 360 / pitch LED panels, intercoms, etc.

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